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Wayfinding System

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Features & Benefits

Zetek's Wayfinding System is a pioneering approach to indoor navigation software. It has been developed to help fire, police and other emergency personnel, as well as employees and visitors, find destinations within structures quickly and easily. The Wayfinding System produces intuitive three-dimensional maps of simple, efficient routes to selected indoor destinations by combining our techniques of dynamic mapping and routing. Here's how our software works:


The Wayfinding System calculates the best route from a given starting point to a selected destination point and draws this onto 3D maps as a highlighted "yellow-brick road" leading through all relevant floors and destinations. Start and end points can be chosen by the user or determined by the system in response to an alarm.


The Wayfinding System software generates indoor maps as simplified three-dimensional floor plans seen from above in an intuitive axonometric view. Maps show all building attributes like walls, stairs, elevators and doors. Three-dimensional axonometric maps have been shown to be easier to use than ordinary maps for people moving through a structure, allowing users to orient themselves in space and easily correct their position if they get off track. Landmarks and fixtures are also more easily found and identified than they would be in a 2D representation like an architectural drawing or a conventional map.

Wayfinding Maps vs. Standard Architectural Drawings

Hard-to-read architectural drawings are usually the only thing close to an indoor map that can be offered to guide emergency workers or first-time visitors through a facility. These drawings, of course, do not have routes to destinations and often are not even available. In contrast, the Zetek Wayfinding System guides people directly to indoor destinations with fast, simple routes drawn onto three-dimensional maps.

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